At the launch of activities of CONGO TERMINAL, the main action to be taken was to modernize the terminal by bringing effective solutions for the management and tracking of containers. This initiative resulted in the creation of the OSCAR cell Exploitation Department. The cell has the primary mission to monitor the movements of containers, thanks to OSCAR information system. The OSCAR cell and facilitates the exploitation and deployment of OSCAR information system modules on the entire terminal and ensures the management of all users. This cell is the core of the activities surrounding the set of operations that accompany the implementation of the stopover of ships. It has the important task of ensuring the various anomalies and irregularities that can occur not only during the loading and unloading of ships, but also before the positioning of a ship to the dock and after its departure. The cell must in this case to ensure the proper conduct of all container movements. The OSCAR cell is also positioned as the direct interface between the owners of Congo Terminal, customs and trade execution agents, compared to interventions specifically for:

  • The preparation of storage areas at the park for containers to be unloaded, from the instructions of shipowners
  • The positioning of containers unloaded Park
  • Preparation and control of containers to be loaded on a ship in accordance with the loading plan provided by shipowners
  • Achieving EXPORT operations potted containers on the site
  • The verification of customs declarations for any container, loading a ship
  • Setting instructions Load / Unload, attributed to the implementation of the terminal agents
  • Delivery of containers to the hinterland and control the return of empty containers.
  • The realization of reports of movements of Loading / Unloading containers sent to the billing service

Compared to its strategic position in the success of the transactions Loading / Unloading of ships, the cell performs all its tasks 24H / 24, 365 days the year without interruption.

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