The investment program

A will…
The ambition of Congo Terminal is to make Pointe-Noire port reference in deep waters of Central Africa. With this in mind, the goal is to become the first transfer platform of Central Africa and the front door of the Congo Basin.
Alliance in Pointe-Noire, a port city of Congo, already considered the "ocean gateway of Central Africa» Congo Terminal aims to increase national traffic and the development of transit to the region.

…Two objectives
The bold policy of Congo Terminal to achieve its objectives is to invest 374 billion CFA francs over a period of 27 years. These investments concern both the material aspects (infrastructure, equipment and information systems) that the human aspect.


Through its innovative and ambitious investment program in 2015 will offer Congo Terminal :
-     800 m of quays with a draft of 15 m
-    31 ha of platforms
-    647 000 containers per year

In the same vein, in 2036, the container terminal will represent:
-    1 500 m of quays whose 800 m of quays with a draft of 15 m
-    38 ha of platforms
-    1 203 000 containers per year


Forecast changes transhipment traffic, national transit and transit hinterland processed by the Pointe-Noire Port


Human Development:

Congo Terminal gives priority to the development of permanent employment and the maintenance of the docker employment. This desire to develop local skills is part of a policy of skills development and coaching talent. Specifically, the aim of Congo Terminal is to meet by 2033, 1,141 employees. This target reflects the respect for diversity both in terms of diversity and in terms of skills, an expensive value Congo Terminal..

Forecast Evolution of workforce



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