Park Management

Congo Terminal, with its bold investment program, improving day by day its ships cadences. This is both its capabilities in terms of handling as its information system. These two elements optimize operations and contributing to the competitiveness of Congo Terminal. More than 17 hectares currently, park expansion work is underway to reach 38 hectares to the completion of the construction program and modernization of the terminal infrastructure. Two additional quay cranes on 8 provided just been acquired and installed the Congo Terminal docks G1, G2 / G3. They will be linked to two other portals already in operation for improved performance and increased traffic.

Average vessel speeds:

Feeders: between 15 and 20 movements / hour

Cadences ships berth (feeders and confused container):

Quai G4 (equipped dock gantries) is a rate of 30 to 50 movements / hour

Quai G3 (equipped with Gottwald cranes): 25 movements / hour
Quai G2 (reception grated vessels): 15 movements / hour


Park empty containers

Park for the storage of empty containers. It is built on an area of over 25,000m² with a storage capacity of over 2000 containers.


Park in refrigerated containers

760 power outlets available in the fridge park. The Working order of refrigerated containers is through a regular monitoring temperature by electronics specialists refrigerants and certified for our new facilities.

Operated types of containers at terminal

  • Basic Container: DRY, OPEN TOP
  • temperature-controlled container: heated, refrigerated (REEFER), simple isothermal
  • Container tank: TANK
  • Bulk container
  • Flat and foldable container: FLAT RACK COLLAPSIBLE FLAT, BOLSTER, MAFI


Identification of a container

Identification conteneur

Weekly Traffic

Scheduled Ships


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