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CONGO TERMINAL is a company that aims to manage the terminal containers of Pointe-Noire. This commitment is realized through the work of men and women gathered for gifted same ideal: the excellence.

Here are the different specific areas of competence to CONGO TERMINAL activities. Trades that go with the port and world economic challenges and large-scale development.



What is a container?

Metal box, cuboid, designed for the transport of goods by various modes of transport. The measures have been set in feet: 10, 20, 30 and 40. The reference container is the 20 foot technically called TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent) or TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit). It is positioned as the unit of measurement of dimensions in the following data:

  • 1 20 'container = 1 TEU
  • 1 container 10 '= 0.5 TEU
  • 1 container 30 '= 1.5 TEU
  • 1 40 '= 2 TEU


What is a container terminal?
Container terminal: location equipped for handling and storage of containers.

The management of a container terminal:
Manage a container terminal every day is:

  • Coordinate and manage the human capital needed to operate the container terminal
  • Satisfy an optimal customer
  • Optimize productivity of the business and ensure the safety of Men
  • Receive daily ships and organize their stops
  • Coordinating and organizing the storage and delivery
  • Coordinating and organizing the hinterland
  • Prevent and fight against fraud

Congo Terminal is a structure in which entities are dedicated to each of these issues, it is the business domains.



Corporate: for the development of any structure, business is included under this category are the guarantors of the conformity of the activity, profitability, competitiveness and visibility and the respect of social commitments of Congo Terminal;


  • Administrative and Financial
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Communication
  • Billing
  • Back office
  • Front office



Operational: these are all specific to the business activity of Congo Terminal. They are its identity, representativeness, distinction:


  • Quality Health Safety Environment
  • Ship Operations
  • Land Operations


The activity of a container terminal never stops. In Congo Terminal, operational is done 24h on 24h.


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