OSCAR information system


What is Oscar?

Oscar means: Operating Software Container and Report. This is operating system operations of a container terminal.

Oscar and his various performances

Oscar web is applied in Intranet network and it allows users to accurately be informed about the evolution of container movements arrived on the terminal by sea or land. Oscar also allows the operation of a set of more detailed information about only the terminal.

Oscar Graphic Yard, has six Java modules that allow:
- Manage exploitable park design of Congo Terminal;
- See the occupation of usable space of a Container terminal such as Congo Terminal;
- To view the reservation of spaces according to the appropriate areas (Import / Export / Transhipment);
- To view the placeholders;
- To allocate to specific geographic areas gear;
- To see containers that are on Congo Terminal Park.

Oscar Graphic Vessel with its 5 Java modules allows:
- To create profiles of ships stopping in Terminal Congo;
- Verify information on the unloading and loading of ships;
- To respect the instructions of operations and make necessary changes to the monitoring of loading and unloading of a ship;
- Assist in the loading of a ship;
- Monitoring of container shiftings destined for another port, a stopover.

The modules BayPlan and Letter Plan also allows, in real time, to be aware of ongoing activities on the Terminal.





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