Excellence and quality are the watchwords of Congo Terminal. In this context, the measures have QHSES three ambitions:

  • Protect workers against accidents;
  • Ensure a clean environment, the sea is nearby and bordering the terminal facilities;
  • Ensure high quality services to its customers.

The aim in the long term is the perpetual search:

  • zero accidents
  • zero incidents
  • Zero pollution.


CONGO TERMINAL has developed an environmental policy based on three main points:

  • Better waste management
  • Communication of environmental intentions and principles
  • Identification of any potential environmental risk.

Beyond a theoretical policy, Congo Terminal by the nature of its business is a particularly firm concerned for the safety of its employees. Indeed, over 50% of Congo Terminal personal moves on the terminal, presenting a risk environment such as:

  • working at height;
  • Circulation of hoists;
  • heavy lifting;
  • handling;
  • hazardous products;
  • Electrical hazard;
  • noise
  • drowning
  • etc.

Worker protection therefore requires a direct involvement in the QHSE policy of the company. This is reflected first by a range of mandatory training, especially focused on HSE induction, prevention and fire fighting, first aid and rescue work, the techniques specific slinging handling, gestures and postures handling, defensive driving , certification for lifting equipment operators, reach stackers and cranes, transport and storage of hazardous materials. Trainings that are sanctioned by validation and certification.

The second action involves the HSE awareness is being done firstly by posters and safety signs on the other hand by the TOOL BOX Meeting (weekly meeting of awareness about basic instructions in Health, Safety and Environment.

The QHSE department reports directly to Director Managing and be accountable to the reality on the ground, thus promoting optimal flow of information and decision rapid and consistent decisions in solving problems related to the safety of personnel.

In addition from this local organization, Congo Terminal QHSE service is supported by the QHSE team Bolloré Africa Logistics group. The long experience and the group's requirements in this area are respectively model and motivation for Congo Terminal. Regular collaboration has been set up to accompany Congo Terminal in achieving its objectives QHSES.

Thanks to the strict implementation of its policy and the establishment of appropriate structures to international standards of safety and port security, Congo Terminal has obtained in 2013 the ISP certification

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