Located in the province of Bas-Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Matadi is a port city founded in 1886 to make the link between the Atlantic Ocean and the inland. Nestled at 145 km from the mouth on the left bank of the Congo River, the border city of Angola welcomes maritime vessels. Indeed, with a handling capacity of 2.5 million tons per year and a storage capacity of 3,500 TEU's (20-foot standard containers), the port of Matadi is the largest of the DRC.

Real maritime door of the DRC, Matadi, estuarine port, is by its configuration the ideal interface between sea and land, but constrained by a low draft (6 m). It is for this reason that the port of Pointe-Noire with its draft of 11.50 meters (15 m in 2012) and distant half-day sailing harbor is a natural and ideal transhipment. Indeed, this feature allows it to accommodate large-capacity ships to reload cargo on smaller ships, "feeder" to the port of Matadi. The objective is therefore to create a partnership that will enable Congo Terminal and the port of Matadi, to enjoy one another.
In other words, Congo Terminal serves as the ideal transhipment hub for the development of the hinterland of the port of Matadi and thus promotes the economic development of the DRC.
This corridor strategy fully meets the ambitions of Congo Terminal and thus to those of Bolloré Africa Logistics.

Population: 245,862 inhabitants
Area: 110 km²

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