Logistics area

- Presentation

Commissioning since January 2011, the logistics area is a transit containers for delivery. This area was built to accompany the modernization program of the port facilities of the autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire. In particular, it facilitated the delivery operations and unloading of containers, but also improves the quality of service.

- Installations

The logistics area of Congo Terminal is installed in the middle of the autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire. Safety standards are guaranteed at the site that has the following facilities:

  • Administrative building type R + 1 in which we find the offices of the agents of Congo Terminal, operators and Congolese Customs
  • storage area for containers pending delivery and unloading with a maximum capacity of 200 containers.
  • unloading area of the containers, which also makes loading vehicles for delivery. Maximum capacity 50 containers
  • car loading area
  • Storage area empty with capacity 50 containers.
  • Parking
  • Gates Input / Output



- Operation

It mainly undertakes the following activities:

  • Receipt of full containers
  • Unloading and delivery of containers
  • Filling in the OSCAR database on the movement of containers in the reception, the unloading and delivery

Hours of availability of containers

- Trades

Logistics area by its operation, performs several tasks which are: Management of the park, container tracking, Delivery and Unloading of containers. To this end the following trades are made:

  • Park Coordinator: who controls all the movements of containers in the park
  • Operator Tracking OSCAR: to inform the OSCAR database container movements
  • Delivery Supervisor: for monitoring container shipments
  • Supervisor stripping: for monitoring the discharge of the containers
  • Gates Pointers Input / Output: to signal the entrance and exit of containers


- Handling

The logistics area uses special handling equipment that are:

  • Stacker: 45 rpm 1 TEREX
  • Hyster 2 FORKLIFT 2.5T
  • 2 trucks
  • Front: 1 SVETRUCK 45 rpm


- Operators

  • SOCOTRANS: for delivery and the strengthening of unloading
  • Planning and Trade (UC): site security, cleaning and filling empty containers
  • SAT: carrier of the goods exposed.
  • CFCO: getting goods in wagons by rail



Graphs handling containers Logistics Zone





Weekly Traffic

Scheduled Ships


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