Import Export Procedures

It is possible to import and export goods in Republic of Congo. However, such efforts need to go through some formalities requiring the submission of the following documents:...


  • Lading (the ticket) or BEL (electronic delivery note);
  • Supplier Invoice (well established) which must include the electronic waybill number cargo tracking (CGS) on electronic delivery note (BEL). Can be obtained from the ECB Congolese Shippers Council and then to its representatives abroad;
  • Certificate of Origin;
  • Provide CGS;
  • Import license (oil, rice, tomato, fresh meat, salted fish);
  • Import Declaration (DI);
  • Verification Certificate (AV) from COTECNA (which handles the inspection of containers)
  • EUR 1 (Certificate of Origin for goods moving in the EU);
  • Freight invoice;
  • CEMAC movement certificate (CEMAC Zone);
  • Packing list (packing list);



  • Supplier Invoice;
  • Export Declaration (for local products only);
  • cargo identification slip (BIC);
  • CGS
  • Entry Declaration (if the goods imported beforehand);

In addition to vehicles:
- Car registration;
- Certificate of sale
- Freight Invoice

All these formalities will be done with the help of a forwarder approved in Congo (SAGA, SDV ...) in collaboration with the Trade Directorate.

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