List of words:

Stevedoring: Handling of goods on board ships.

Shipowner : owner or operator of a ship

Hawser: big rope for mooring vessels.

Bay-plane (loading plan): map giving information on each container in each cell.

Consignee (marine) or shipping agent: trader in charge of maritime cargo, representing the ship operator

Stripping: Action to empty a container

Docker: workers who load and unload the ship

Sling: wire rope used to grasp and manipulate packages.

Potting: filling a container.

TEU: 20 foot equivalent. English TEUs (Twenty Equivalent Unit)

Feeder: Handysize vessel to burst, on different ports, a cargo brought in a main port by a large ship with few stops, and conversely, the collection of goods to the main port.

Spreader (spreader): device suspended from a lifting device such as gantry crane, forklift, which allows hooking and hoisting

Panamax: ship whose width allows the crossing of the Panama Canal.

Rade: (marine) natural or artificial basin where ships moored

RO-RO: roll on - roll off (roll) technique of loading or unloading of ships by ramp, qu'empruntent gear on all wheels, see RoRo.

transporting goods from one ship to another ship.

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