delivery of the containers is done in closely with the Customs service placed directly on the premises of Congo Terminal located at the terminal and logistics area. All containers for delivery following a mandatory screening process to facilitate billing. In this process we have:

  • Control of the tonnage deck-level switches
  • Verification of damage
  • Control the output level of the Gate Terminal of the physical condition of the container
  • The scanner
  • The level control of the logistics area at the entrance and exit

Customers must pay a number of taxes and have all the administrative documents authorizing the delivery of containers to the hinterland. Among them we can mention:

  • The ADB shipowners
  • The stevedoring
  • The company's BAD
  • The delivery Invoice
  • The delivery note
  • The declaration of container
  • The EIR


OSCAR operators automatically inform the database of all container movements during delivery.

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