Congo Terminal is a company engaged in a rigorous quality approach. Thus, games entry, it states in its Quality Policy, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE): "The ambition of Bolloré Africa Logistics for Congo Terminal is to become the leading container terminal of the Central Africa, thanks to ever faster services, safer and more efficient, in line with expectations of customers, as well as legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its activities. "

This QHSE policy is primarily embodied by a will and a firm commitment from the Company management to see staff and facilities Congo Terminal, operate in a safe, secure and healthy. It is committed to:

- To train, inform and educate workers about the various risks and practices.

- Develop action plans and protective measures to control these risks,

- Search for transport and logistics solutions optimizing container yard management and handling of ships in our terminal

- Maintain a high level of environmental standards and safety to staff, clients and partners

- Promote and develop fight against alcohol policies, drugs and HIV AIDS.

Furthermore, due to its activity, Congo terminal adds to its managerial will, a quality approach to customer satisfaction and safety standards in force in all ports and passing a QHSES policy (Quality Hygiene and Health, Security , Environment, Sûreté).

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